Your Timeshare Transfer Update


Before you book your appointment, please read the following:

Thank you for taking the time to get educated on your file.  This webpage's sole purpose is to make sure 

you are getting the update you need to feel comfortable that your transfer is on the right track.  A little ways down this page, you will have the opportunity to book a 10-minute time slot to meet with an advisor who can 

explain where we are in the process.  

In our experience, most clients are very patient as long as they are getting the information they need.  It's the 

NOT KNOWING that drives you crazy!  Your transfer company is spending a lot of time working for 

thousands of clients, just like you, who have paid to transfer out of their timeshare.  There was a study 

done by the University of Central Florida that says that 85% of timeshare owners regret their purchase.  

Whether it be the desire to not pass it on to their heirs or the constant rise of maintenance fees, people 

want out, so you can imagine how busy we are and how many clients we have.     

There are some misunderstandings about your contract and the timeframe it takes to achieve your goal and so we ask that you take the time to read the next section about The Most Common Mistakes.  It will help you on your appointment and help us to stay within the 10 minute time slot.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. 

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The Most Common Misunderstandings


Maintenance Fees

As long as the deed is still in your name, YOU are responsible to pay the maintenance fees.  It's your credit on the line.  Please pay on time.  The deed cannot be transferred if you are behind on maintenance fees.  If you feel the company owes you a reimbursement, you can fill out a reimbursement form.  Just click on the name and you can fill one out.  Keep in mind, that your transfer company has up to 1 year from when ALL paperwork needed to transfer is in their hands.   

Date of Contract vs. Date We Receive Paperwork

The 1 year countdown does not begin until we have ALL paperwork, including the estoppel.

The paperwork needed to begin is:

  • A Copy of Your Recorded Deed or Points Certificate
  • The Most Recent Maintenance Fee Statement
  • Proof the Most Recent Maintenance Fee Statement was Paid (copy of receipt, check or recent statement indicating a zero balance)
  • An Estoppel from Your Resort.  The title company will need this document for closing.  Even if your transfer company is trying to work with the resort on your behalf to obtain the estoppel, resorts are very difficult to work with and they take their time.  You are still required to turn this in with your paperwork, so if you don't want to wait for your transfer company to work with the resort, you can always call the resort yourself and obtain it. We highly recommend this!

Are You on The Portal?

Your transfer company has set up a portal to make it easier for communication.  When you signed your contract, you would have been sent an email to set up the portal.  This is the easiest and most efficient way to update you on your account.  Phone calls slow down the entire process.  Keep in mind that there is not only communication with you, we must communicate with the new owner, the county, the resort, the title company and the broker.  There are a lot of moving parts.  We can't keep you up to date on everything being done behind the scenes.  We would love to tell you that the Timeshare Resorts make it easy.  They don't.

Resorts Ultimately Decide

Resorts can make it as difficult as they want.  They decide whether to let you transfer or not.  Remember that most deeds in timeshare are set up as Tenancy in Common (UDI).  There are two ways out: Pass it to your Heirs or Suit to Partition.  They also hold a "in perpetuity" clause.  If you sold your timeshare to a family member, your resort can stop the transfer and require you to still pay maintenance fees.  So we want them working with us and sometimes that requires patience.  And they almost always charge the owner transferring it a "Transfer Fee."  It's a made up fee and varies from resort to resort, but you will have to pay it to finish the contract.  

Laws Changing

Not only do the resorts control so much internally, there are always new laws being voted on in various states when it comes to Timeshare.  We have to know what the climate is for the state that your resort is located along with how it effects our processes. If a new law comes into play, it will slow down the process.